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“Believe in Your Dreams” Fundraiser a Hit!

A special thanks to Lisa Waud of Pot and Box Container Gardening Services for graciously donating her glamorous studio for Hall House’s latest celebratory fundraiser.  To book your event at Pot and Box, contact Lisa Waud through her website at  Stephanie Day, co-founder and Volunteer Coordinator of Hall House Resource Center of Detroit extends her gratitude to all those who joined efforts in raising much-needed funds for her longstanding and popular core curriculum program: “Believe in Your Dreams.” The course, which has enjoyed open enrollment status for several years, teaches students how to get rid of what she calls “Core Negative Beliefs” in order to pave the way for becoming a person who envisions, shapes and executes his or her plans for a brighter future.  “If you can see it, you can be it,” says Ms. Day.  A special thanks to the radically talented Jah Sunny for spinning records and setting the stage for the garden concert, Elizabeth Bertoni for her original pieces for solo voice, and our favorite Detroit band The Adrays for rocking the house well past the witching hour! One guest reported: “I bought these shoes new… I think I danced the soles right through…” Is there a song in that, Elizabeth?

As promised, we are keeping the I.O.U. Donations open for the rest of the month.  Tax receipts can still be issued for those who wish to contribute.  Contact Stephanie at 734-751-5363 or email us at:

(Image of Believe Wristband taken from: Please visit site for worthy fundraising efforts in the fight against cancer.)

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