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Get involved!

Join the Family!

Currently we have openings for the 2011 Summer Sessions and are seeking dedicated volunteer educators to pilot new workshops. Hall House Resource Center is a non-profit community and resource center providing educational and material resources to at-risk youth in Detroit, Michigan.   Our holistic, education-centered programs have covered yoga, organic farming, cooking, free-verse poetry, music, dance, art, anger management, basic skills job training, parenting support groups, drama, health, choir, history, first aid, and pottery.  Please forward contact information and a brief summary of your course concept(s) to:, attn: Stephanie Day, Volunteer Coordinator.

Our motto is: “Anything as long as it’s positive.”–William Hall

Add to your resume! Now’s the time to network in Metro Detroit!

The center was founded in 2005 by Stephanie Day, Jacqueline McGruder and the late William Hall. Our address is: 2722 Trowbridge Street, Hamtramk, MI 48212. Call 734-751-5363 and speak with Stephanie A. Day for an appointment.

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