Hall House Resource Center was founded in 2005 by friends and community activists Stephanie A. Day, Jacqueline McGruder and the late William Hall.  The three Detroiters began their work together in a residential building on Woodward Avenue with their shared vision of providing shelter and a better life for foster children in the city.  Though the center has always primarily serviced children in transition within the Michigan Foster Care System, Hall House has been a beacon in Detroit for over ten years, providing education, food, shelter and other basic needs for community members.

Hall House celebrates and encourages the education of and communion among all peoples of Metro Detroit. Volunteer educators from myriad Metro Detroit communities, often neighborhoods of comparative economic and cultural privilege, come away with a greater knowledge of today’s social and political realities that broadens their life perspectives and enriches their lives as informed and empowered citizens.  In the words of one volunteer: “My poetry students’ life experience and talent surpassed 90% of the poets I have met in the entirety of my career as a professional writer.  It was the best teaching experience of my life.”

Discover your potential.  Join “Each One, Teach One” and design your own workshop through our flexible, customized mentor programs.   Contact Stephanie A. Day for free coursework packet via email at: hallhousedetroit@gmail.com.  For further information, dial 734-751-5363.  Hall House Resource Center is located at 2722 Trowbridge Street, Hamtramk, Michigan, 48212. We thank you for your interest!

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